Dr. Winfried Wolter


Dr. Winfried Wolter
May 25th, 1942 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Educational Attainment

Professional Attainment

Short Term Adisor

  • Freelance consultant in the field of technical education/vocational training in various project of the German Technical Co.operation and EU-projects
  • Bosnia (curriculum development methodology, training of trainers - 6 missions)
  • Namibia (instructor training, school management training - 3 missions)
  • Egypt (curriculum development and instructor training - 2 missions)
  • Pakistan (educational field studies, training of reasearch teams - 2 missions)

Long term advisor in various projects of the technical co-operation

  • Pakistan (head of electical department, set-up of training school/workshops, instructor training, project manager)
  • Tanzania (head of electrical department, set-up of training facilities, instructor training)
  • Phillipines (head of electronics department, instructor training)


  • Lecturer/head of department at various technical colleges
  • Professional engineer, power distribution